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”Nah, I don’t go for looks, character is more important,” said a friend.

How many times have we heard that coming from another male friend? Is that a statement of truth or just hypocrisy?

No man can deny the attraction of a beautiful woman, but yet, so many men have the audacity to state that looks are secondary. Just ask any man to make a decision in three seconds with the choice of Missy Elliott and Beyonce Knowles at hand, and he will select the latter.

Some of my male friends are very fussy indeed when choosing a life partner. Every single attribute of the chosen woman had been scrutinised. The flow of the hair, the sharpness of the nose, the roundness of her bosom, the waist, the perkiness of her buttocks, the size of her thighs and even the length of her feet, would be examined before she is chosen. Personally, I feel that it is a bit too detailed. But then again, I am not the one getting married.

About three years ago, my good friend, someone that I can trust my life with, came to me and spoke of his troubles with women. Of course, being dumped thrice, and rejected by a few others, doesn’t make me the best of counsellors.

However, I told him something that he remembered till this very day.

I said, ” Bro, when we are making a choice….always look in the mirror.” Three years later, he is happily married and expecting a son early 2005.

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